Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I am such a horrible blogger...

It was easy when I had missionaries out in the field...I just posted their letters. That's because I am not really a blogger! But so much has happened so here are a few pix.

Brandon & Whitney had twins! Christian & Connor and they are adorable! Such good babies. I babysit every wednesday so she can keep up her nursing skills. I love it! They are always so easy.

I miss this little guy soooo much! I get to see him in a week and I cant wait!!!

 Got to spend some quality time with this adorable family. They were so sweet to drive all the way to Vegas to hang out at the Bellagio while Ponch had a convention. We did some fun things and got to snuggle alot!!

Christmas was awesome. Got to have part of the family here in Va. Didnt like that we werent all together but I guess this is how it will start to be with us on different coasts and as we add babies. Poncho and I will be on the road Christmas and Thanksgiving...I see that in our future!
                               Gavin & Tyson Enjoying breakfast  Tyson & Gage building sand castles
 Building Gingerbread Houses
The Washington DC Temple at Christmas Time

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